Diffingo Solutions Inc. specializes in making technology work for you so that you can spend more time doing the things that are important to you.

Notice: It has come to our attention that someone masquerading as Diffingo has been sending unauthorized offers from an @diffingo.biz e-mail address. We are not affiliated with them and we are not hiring at this time. We appreciate your co-operation in forwarding any such communications to reportabuse@diffingo.com for our analysis.

If your mail host permits it, we also recommend you report the message to them as phishing or malicious.

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Programming & Consulting

Do you need a web developer for your website? Looking into developing a custom application? We can help. Diffingo is experienced in building Web applications and e-commerce websites with the versatile Drupal content management system and can build up a new website from scratch or improve your existing Drupal website.


Diffingo has high-performance shared hosting plans that include 10GB of file storage, POP/IMAP email inboxes and databases starting from as low as $20/mo. We take security very seriously and protections are in place to ensure that your account is isolated and backed up regularly. Perfect for a corporate or e-commerce website!

Installation & Troubleshooting

Diffingo technicians are familiar with the Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux operating systems. Get in touch with us if you would like to have a technician to help you install, configure or troubleshoot one of your computers.