Our privacy policy

On some places on this site you may be asked to list your name, address, and other information. Our policy with regards to your personal information is listed below. Diffingo believes that your personal information deserves protection. While you can visit the site without registering or providing any personal information, some of the site may require registration. Diffingo reserves the right to edit or remove any material that is deemed, in our sole discretion, to be offensive, illegal, or inappropriate in any way. We also reserve the right to remove any submissions that are deemed to be off­topic. Personal Information In some places on this site, you may be asked to list your name, address, and other contact information. The information we collect may be used to generate statistics and reports forinternal use only. These statistics and reports will not contain any personally identifiable information. We will not share this information with any third party. Diffingo reserves the right to cooperate with local, provincial and federal officials in any investigation requiring either personal information including any personal information provided online through www.diffingo.com or reports about lawful or unlawful user activities on this site. Diffingo also reserves the right at any time to disclose any information in a registered project:

  1. to satisfy any law, regulation or government request;
  2. If such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to site operation, in the sole discretion of Diffingo; or
  3. if such disclosure is required in the estimation of Diffingo to protect the rights or property of Diffingo and its users and sponsors.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.