fwbackups - Known Issues

The following issues have been identified in the most recent fwbackups release:


  • If you previously installed fwbackups a 1.43.3 release candidate from source (for example on Ubuntu), please remove the /usr/share/fwbackups/fwbackups directory manually before installing 1.43.4.
  • An issue was identified in the previous version of fwbackups (1.43.3) where after upgrading, the backup schedule may have been erased. If you have been affected by this problem, simply open the administrator utility and then close it to reschedule all backups.


  • If you have previously installed an older version of fwbackups (ie 1.43.2) and have not upgraded to Python 2.6, it is recommended that you uninstall Python, PyCron and fwbackups and then use the full installer to install fwbackups 1.43.4 from scratch.