fwbackups - Download


The most recent version of fwbackups is 1.43.7. Please consider reading the known issues before downloading a release to see if any of the identified bugs will affect you.

Important! An issue was identified in the previous version of fwbackups (1.43.3) where after upgrading, the backup schedule may have been erased. Simply opening the administrator utility and then closing will reschedule all backups.

Note: The pre-packaged .deb files for Ubuntu are now very outdated and have been removed. If you are installing on Mint/Ubuntu, please install from source. Similarly, fwbackups and its dependency pycron are not compatible with UAC on Windows Vista and higher, and running fwbackups on Vista or higher is discouraged.

* Does not include pycrypto or paramiko due to software export restrictions. In addition to the fwbackups installer, the fwbackups cryptographic module installer must also be installed in order for fwbackups to function correctly. Please see the installation page for more information. In addition, fwbackups was written for Windows XP and therefore for the moment, requires UAC be disabled on Windows Vista or 7.


Development/Git repository

To obtain a copy of fwbackups from git, run from your terminal:

git clone git://github.com/stewartadam/fwbackups.git

A tree view of the repository is available at the github project page.