Development of fwbackups 1.44 underway

The development of the new C++ branch of fwbackups, version 1.44, is well underway. It will include some exciting new features such as:

  • Support for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • A QT-based interface
  • A graphical interface that is easier to use than ever before
  • Additional command-line backup and restore configuration utilities
  • Incremental, differential, full backup and clone copy modes
  • A new data recovery tool for damaged disks
  • An advanced rsync-based algorithm which makes remote transfers highly efficient

In short, it will be faster, easier to use, and cross-platform. Because of the extent of work to be done, the alpha preview releases will be missing some features that the final version will have. However, our team is looking forward to receiving feedback about Alpha 1, which should be released in the next few months.