fwbackups 1.43.4 released

fwbackups 1.43.4 is a bugfix release for several issues discovered in 1.43.3, including two issues which may prevent backups from executing correctly. Below is a summary of the changes included in fwbackups 1.43.4:

  • Better handling paths with special characters when running from OS X and Windows XP
  • Backups now cleaned and re-scheduled automatically when upgrading from 1.43.3rc5
  • Fixed a problem where files may have been excluded from backups if the Archive backend was used with bz2 compression (Direct Copy and other Archive backups were not affected)

Important! An issue has been identified in the previous version of fwbackups (1.43.3) where after upgrading, the backup schedule may have been inadvertently erased. Simply opening the administrator utility and then closing will reschedule all backups.