fwbackups 1.43.7 released

fwbackups 1.43.7 is a minor bugfix and translation release. Below is a summary of the changes included in fwbackups 1.43.7:

  • Fix issue where disabled sets still ran from cron
  • Fix issue where exported sets could crash on import
  • Add -f/--force flag to fwbackups-run to run disabled sets

This will be the last release announcement placed here. This website will shortly be discontinued in favor of Markdown documentation on GitHub.

fwbackups 1.43.6 released

fwbackups 1.43.6 is a minor bugfix and translation release. Below is a summary of the changes included in fwbackups 1.43.6:

  • UX improvements and updated translations (thanks to Alexey Loginov's pull request)
  • An additional fix to diacritics issue in dates to prevent tracebacks

fwbackups 1.43.5 released

fwbackups 1.43.5 is a bugfix release for issues discovered in 1.43.4, including a crash and issues saving the backup schedule (crontab). Below is a summary of the changes included in fwbackups 1.43.5:

  • Fix an issue where diacritics in the month's name would cause a traceback
  • Fix an issue where saving a crontab with comments could cause a traceback
  • Add option for a customizable temporary folder (useful for for those with tmpfs)
  • Fix replacement of [destination] token

fwbackups 1.43.4 released

fwbackups 1.43.4 is a bugfix release for several issues discovered in 1.43.3, including two issues which may prevent backups from executing correctly. Below is a summary of the changes included in fwbackups 1.43.4:

  • Better handling paths with special characters when running from OS X and Windows XP
  • Backups now cleaned and re-scheduled automatically when upgrading from 1.43.3rc5
  • Fixed a problem where files may have been excluded from backups if the Archive backend was used with bz2 compression (Direct Copy and other Archive backups were not affected)

Important! An issue has been identified in the previous version of fwbackups (1.43.3) where after upgrading, the backup schedule may have been inadvertently erased. Simply opening the administrator utility and then closing will reschedule all backups.

Notice to all fwbackups 1.43.3 *release candidate* users

Two serious issues have been identified in 1.43.3 release candidate 5 and 6 that may prevent certain files from being included in your backup. These bugs are not present in the final release of 1.43.3.

If you are currently using the latest release, version 1.43.3, then you may safely ignore this message. If you are using a 1.43.3 release candidate, it is strongly recommended you update to 1.43.3 as soon as possible.

fwbackups 1.43.3 released!

After a long wait, fwbackups 1.43.3 is now available for download!

Summary of major changes for this version:

  • Tokens have been added for use in the before and after commands
  • Restore from remote folders is now functional
  • The crontab parser and writer has been rewritten from scratch to be more robust and to preserve formatting, spacing, comments and variables
  • More extensive documentation available on the website: http://www.diffingo.com/oss/fwbackups/documentation

fwbackups 1.43.3rc6 released

fwbackups 1.43.3rc6 has been released fixing many important bugs and featuring a new chapter in the user guide about technical information.

It is recommended that all users update to 1.43.3rc6.

fwbackups 1.43.3rc5 released

fwbackups 1.43.3rc5 is now available bringing many bugfixes, usability improvements and most importantly an updated user guide.

Configuring your backups is now easier than ever with a redesigned Options tab that does away with the complicated engine selection and introduces a new, simpler Backup Format selection. As well, this release brings better Gnome Human Interface Guidelines 2.2.1 compliance.

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 4 released

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 4 is now available for download. It is a bugfix release recommended for all users as it fixes a bug found in 1.43.3rc3 which may have resulted in non-interactive backups failing to run correctly. fwbackups 1.43.3rc4 also includes the Windows-specific bugfixes included inside the 1.43.3a installers.

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 3 released

fwbackups 1.43.3 release candidate 3 has been released for download with numerous feature enhancements, bugfixes and security fixes:

  • On Linux and OS X, the permissions of the fwbackups user directory are changed to prevent unauthorized access to stored passwords
  • On Linux and OS X, backing up files will now show the backup progress as well as the name of the current file being backed up.
  • Support for restore operations from remote folders (note: file permissions are not preserved)
  • Fixed a problem that would cause backups to hang on Debian-based Linux distributions if the print a list of installed packages to a file option was enabled
  • Fixed a problem where failing backup operations could cause fwbackups to hang on exit
  • Fix a problem which caused one-time backups to fail in 1.43.3 release candidate 2
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